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Test Management Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide With Examples and Best Practices

It makes sure the visibility of our project with customized dashboards and reports. With the help of this tool, we can manage the release and authoring the test and execution. This tool offers integration to other HP products like Load runner and UFT.

But for those looking to realize improvements to the quality of their software, the pace of their schedules, and the development of their products, what is test management platforms cannot be ignored. Test management tools smooth the management and development process. Most of these frameworks available in the market are designed to integrate with all other tools used in the development and testing life cycle. So we can say, a test management tool is a must to enhance efficiency and flexibility in your development process by utilizing the least possible financial resources. TestRail platform can be integrated with GitHub, Jira, Asana, GitLab, and many other defect management or Issue-tracking tools.

Test Management

TestCollab is the most up-to-date test management platform for your QA needs, having undergone a complete redesign in 2022. For their QA process, hundreds of businesses have relied on TestCollab over the past 11 years. Test Management can also be acquired in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solution. This set of integrated tools includes IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody, and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next. This set of integrated tools includes IBM Engineering Workflow Management, IBM Engineering Test Management, and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next. The advantages of Qase are the clear user interface, integrations, and giving reviews on test cases.

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However, it can be especially tedious as the results from automated tests are produced throughout the various stages of the test management process. This need only becomes greater with customer expectations for smooth user interfaces, dynamic features, and compatibility across a diverse set of operating systems and platforms. Since it’s open-source, testers can customize the test cases to fit their needs. Along with creating test plans and executing test cases, TestLink also helps manage users and keeps track of the test progress and results through different statistics and reports. It offers a simple yet intuitive approach for exporting and importing test cases.

IBM Engineering Test Management

There are several commercial and open source test management tools available in the market today. Most test management tools are web-served applications that need to be installed in-house, while others can be accessed as software as a service. Zephyr Enterprise is more than a test management solution; we are a test management partner ready to help you achieve all your testing activities from a single tool.

  • Manage all kinds of tests and oversee issues in one centralized place.
  • The primary objective of Test Management is to ensure traceability by planning, organizing, and tracking your software tests.
  • In some cases, the plan has to be adjusted according to project situation.
  • It allows individuals to be assigned to multiple projects at once.

RTH is another web-based open-source tool, and it stands for the Requirement and testing hub. It is used to manage the requirements, test results, and also have bug tracking facilities. This tool follows a structured approach to extend the visibility of the testing process with the help of a common repository for test cases, test result, requirements, and test plans.

Multiple Deployment Options

SpiraTest integrates with many automated testing solutions and third-party defect-management systems. With this information, SpiraTest lets you run requirements traceability reports and perform impact analysis on how critical each test failure is (i.e. how many high priority requirements does it affect). Test Management helps increase product quality and meet tight customer deadlines. As organizations strive to achieve faster go-to-market with the finest products, it’s essential to carry out the Test Management process properly.

test management

Once the testing process is over, it’s time to prepare a test report and evaluate the data. This report helps identify the developed software quality, test coverage, and required improvements or modifications. After careful evaluation, the Test Lead logs the software as ready for release and submits the report to the client or stakeholders for approval. Once the planning is done and everything’s in place, the next step involves organizing the perfect testing team. Test organization is about defining who’s responsible for which task in the testing process.

Multiple Commands

Panaya Test Center is a test management platform that assists organizations in accelerating and standardizing packaged application testing without compromising scope or quality. Panaya reduces overall testing effort by 30-50% by encompassing the requirements of all stakeholders and integrating with standardized testing processes for both technical IT and business users. QA Touch is an open-source test management tool for modern QA teams using Agile or Waterfall methodology. It has many features including stepwise execution, audit log, agile board, bulk action, text prediction, test report, screen recording, mind map, activity log, built-in bug-tracking, and multi-language. On the plus side, Jira integration is available with the free plan.

test management

No tools and programming knowledge is required to create and execute automated tests. Using automated test management tools will help save your time and effort, reduce human errors, and enhance test coverage while providing better and more effective test results. It requires requirements that are complete, unambiguous, and testable. Ineffective requirements management can lead to more significant issues during testing. Automatic executionThere are numerous ways of implementing automated tests. Automatic execution requires the test management tool to be compatible with the tests themselves.

Benefits of using the Test Management Tools:

A significant challenge of managing tests is not reporting the correct status at the right time. Finding the right resources to perform required testing activities can be challenging. Once the separate reporting is enabled, you can turn on gating for selected plans only. Plan name becomes part of the resultsdb testcase name which is used in the gating.yaml config. See the gating documentation on Using Multiple Plans for more details. Based on our vast experience in both ERP & testing, We have gathered the 7 top tips every ERP test manager should know.

test management

This tool is used to track the bug and issues by simply e-mailing the system, and it provides the advance filters which help us to stop the duplicate bugs even before they are reported. Our QA testing software is power-packed with everything you want, and nothing that you don’t. Create, plan, automate et execute testing plans with one single toolwith anintuitive interface. Define the test cases to cover all requirement variations, then document manual tests in Task Capture or build resilient automations in low-code, easy-to-learn Studio. Migrate your test management assets and your test automation scripts from your legacy tool to UiPath using our migration services.


And as we’re much more engrossed in software use today, one can only imagine the dollar price has risen to a very high level since. They are a chance to learn more about us, our products, and how to level up your skills with our tools. Our tools integrate with over 50 different applications to help you work smarter and faster. We collaborate with a wide range of teams to bring our customers a range of services , complimentary technologies, and specialized tools for specific industries. Our products do not enforce a methodology on you, instead they let you work your way.

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